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Medicare supplement insurance is a difficult maze to navigate. Many different factors such as location, health, and income influence coverage cost and availability. Given the number of options available to participants, choosing the plan that suits you best can be a daunting task. Therefore, Medicare participants need to use an agent to help simplify this process. Below is a list of reasons you should consider using a Independent Sales Agent.

Independent Sales Agents save you time

When it comes to Medicare supplements, most participants do not know where to start. A Independent Sales Agent will sit down with you and explain the process from start to finish. Not only does this explanation save time, it brings comfort to enrollees to know that the agent is available to help answer questions and provide support throughout the entire enrollment process as well as each year during renewal. Independent Sales Agents can quickly access plans from many different insurers. This process is extremely time consuming for an enrollee to do alone.

Using a Independent Sales Agent will save you money

By now, you are most likely thinking about how much working with an agent will cost. Actually, it is completely no cost! In fact, most people pay less over time by working with an agent instead of working without one. An agent is able to save money for plan participants since he is able to solicit pricing from multiple carriers. Each insurance company has their own pricing structure. The same plan can have varying premiums at different insurance companies. The agent also can make sure that the Medicare participant purchases the best policy based on his or her needs. Unfortunately, many times an enrollee can end up purchasing a more expensive plan than needed. By using an agent, enrollees are sure to get the most comprehensive coverage possible based on their needs.

A Independent Sales Agent helps navigate the maze

Medicare Insurance plans seem to have their own language. Each plan has certain words, dates, deadlines, fees and penalties. Independent Sales Agents understand this language and as a result, agents understand each plan. Agents take into account the needs to each client to recommend the best possible plan. Independent Sales Agents also understand the underwriting process insurance companies use to determine premiums. This allows agents to help Medicare participants take action to improve their underwriting position and reduce premiums and maximize coverage over time.

Independent Sales Agents work for you

Independent Sales Agents in Englewood, FL have relationships with various insurance companies, who ultimately pay the agent a commission for each policy sold. However, the agent ultimately works for you. The agent’s job is to work with each enrollee in order to maximize the coverage terms available and minimize the cost. There is no direct cost to participants for the expert advice and objective information provided by the agent. In fact, if the agent attempts to charge you a fee for his or her services, then you should find someone else to use as your agent.

To take the next step in connecting with a Independent Sales Agent, please reach out to Tom Gohn, a Independent Sales Agent focused on Medicare Supplements Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans including Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. To enroll today, give Tom a call at 727-678-4134.


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